Love Boxes by Andre-Marie Tabarnac

An autotheory essay about past love written in October 2020.

I Love Dick, o “I love you, Dick”? by William Paolo Guarriello

Text about I Love Dick; a comparison between the book by Chris Kraus and the TV series directed by Sarah Gubbins and Jill Soloway. [Italian]

Converse by Alessandro Tacconi

Short fiction in response to the drawing Haemophobia (2014) by Miguel Martin (Belfast, UK, 1985). [Italian]

Moira Ricci e Alina Marazzi: ricordare è ritornare by William Paolo Guarriello

A review and a comparison between the docu-film by Alina Marazzi, Un’ora sola ti vorrei (2002) and the series of photographies by Moira Ricci, 20.12.53-10.08.04. [Italian]

Negus, ovvero come mostrare i rasta senza parlare del Rasta by William Paolo Guarriello

A review about Negus (2016) by Invernomuto. [Italian]