Il (mio) canto libero by William Paolo Guarriello

A personal journey into human needs of being with and for the other stimulated by the lyrics of the Italian songwriter Lucio Battisti in Il mio canto libero. [Italian]

Il mio percorso by Daniele Di Battista

A writing exercise inspired by Virginia Woolf’s essay Street Haunting (1927). [Italian]

Lettere by Pierfrancesco Grieco

A semiotic and emotional reflection on sign and language. [Italian]

Metafisica canaglia by William Paolo Guarriello

Text written in response to the experience of visiting the online exhibition Endless Nostalghia by Treti Galaxie. [Italian]

MAMbo by Hilda Maria Morgan

A fictional text about Hedda who goes to visit MAMbo’s permanent collection for the first time.

He Failed to Save […] by Academy of Fine Arts students

Text resulting from the workshop with the students of the course of Management for Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in response to the exhibition by Iulia Ghiță at AlbumArte in Rome. [Italian]

Picasso str***o by Ayleen Ivonne Liverani

English, Italian and Spanish intertwine, echo and dominate each other in the progressive denudation of the figure of Dora Maar, kept in the shadows in favor of the Picasso icon.

Le Chien by Chiara Macerola

An insight –  personal and critical – into Alberto Giacometti’s production, starting from Le Chien, 1951. [Italian]

Legarsi alla montagna – Maria Lai by Ivana Damiano

A creative text produced during a workshop at MAMbo in Bologna as a result of a writing exercise intended to relate emotionally to an artwork. [Italian]

The art of living. Plays
by Hilda Maria Morgan

Syllabus is the curriculum of an imaginary course, a dream syllabus approaching life through plays.

Pinkest Pink by Ayleen Ivonne Liverani

An introspective journey and a challenge to self-acceptance.

Love Boxes by Andre-Marie Tabarnac

An autotheory essay about past love.

Museo per la Memoria di Ustica by Chiara Macerola

Text about the permanent installation of Christian Boltanski written after a workshop with junior high school students. [Italian]

I Love Dick, o “I love you, Dick”? by William Paolo Guarriello

Text about I Love Dick; a comparison between the book by Chris Kraus and the TV series directed by Sarah Gubbins and Jill Soloway. [Italian]

Converse by Alessandro Tacconi

Short fiction in response to the drawing Haemophobia (2014) by Miguel Martin (Belfast, UK, 1985). [Italian]

Moira Ricci e Alina Marazzi: ricordare è ritornare by William Paolo Guarriello

A review and a comparison between the docu-film by Alina Marazzi, Un’ora sola ti vorrei (2002) and the series of photographies by Moira Ricci, 20.12.53-10.08.04. [Italian]

Negus, ovvero come mostrare i rasta senza parlare del Rasta by William Paolo Guarriello

A review about Negus (2016) by Invernomuto. [Italian]