Doppia cattura by Ruggero Barberi

This text was written for Doppia Cattura, an exhibition idea about four-handed artworks.

On the Lack of Backbone […] by Paula Korte

Essay on the practice of the artist duo nabbteeri written in conjunction with the five-year Frontiers in Retreat project (2013–2018) organised by HIAP and seven other European artist residencies.

Oggetti inclassificabili by Barbara Meneghel & Gabriele Sassone

A conversation about writing – on art and ‘with’ art – and the need of blurring the categories of narration.

Based on Facts by Rebecca Moccia

A conversation between Rebecca Moccia and Nicola Lagioia.

Cerca dentro by Chiara Bertini

An insight into the work of Gianluigi Maria Masucci.

Against Our Vanishing […] by Angelica Gatto

Text written following the urgency to study and discover more about Greer Lankton, a visual artist little known in Italy.

Insolita cronaca by Delphine Valli

This text is composed by 8 different little texts selected from the artist’s online archive and written from 2006 and 2019.

The Redemonization of Art in the Age of Mechanical Belief by Om Lekha

An essay and stand-up comedy routine inviting readers to ask themselves »why not be fascist?«, designed to break orthodox thought-patterns and enhance the existential supremacist capacities of those readers.

Two Aesthetics of Apocalypse by Nina Mdivani

A short essay written in April 2020 as a response to our “multidimensional existential crisis”, taking as a starting point of investigation the 1965 “The Imagination of Disaster” by Susan Sontag.

Translation as the Failing Test by Allison Grimaldi Donahue

An essay on failure, stupidity and the originality of the translation. Written in September 2017 at Saas-Fee, close to Sils Maria.

Black Ice by Manuela Pacella

Book written in 2014 between Belfast and Rome and conceived for an online journal that was never launched.

“L’ultima rivoluzione nell’arte” by Anna Cestelli Guidi

Conversation with Harald Szeemann. Maggia, Switzerland. 29 April 1996.