Che cosa è rimasto di un Genet […] by Enrico Petrilli

Written for the exhibition Una corrente che li trascinava nella notte, curated by the visual artist Sebastiano Impellizzeri with Sergey Kantsedal e Yuliya Say at Associazione Barriera in Turin, July 2021.

Fading Loss by Cecilia Canziani

Critical text written for the exhibition Fading Loss. Tales from the Forest by Laura Pugno at Fondazione Zegna, Trivero (BI), 15 May – 31 October 2021.

Terapia della visione by Marta Silvi

Critical text written on the occasion of the exhibition of Iulia Ghiță, He Failed to Save the One He Loved Most, at AlbumArte, Rome, 12 April – 5 May 2021.

On Investigations of Orality […] by Jaroslava Tomanová

An interview with Siobhán Tattan on her video work Whisht So exhibited in March 2021 at The Dollhouse Space, Heemstede.

Due Pitture Seleniche by Treti Galaxie

Text commissioned by mrzb for Due Pitture Seleniche, two new paintings by Alan Stefanato – paludi xx, Una Fontana per Lulu presented the 28th of February 2021 at Lungo Stura Lazio in Turin.

Narratives of Otherness by Nina Mdivani

An accompanying essay on the exhibition New York Meets Tbilisi: Defining Otherness (January-May 2020; Part 1 & Part 2 at Assembly Room and Kunstraum LLC, New York).

Ak2deru. Ashes to Funky by Ruggero Barberi

Critical text for the exhibion of Ak2deru, Ashes to Funky, at SpazioArte Foyer Sala Umberto in Rome, December 2019 March 2020.

About Books by Lýdia Pribišová

Critical text of the exhibition About Books | Shubigi Rao – Jaro Varga. AlbumArte, Rome, October – November 2018.

The Intimacy of Lack by Moran Been-noon

About the exhibition Portal Ahead! (now entering) by Olivia Normile at Ormond Art Studios, Dublin, October, 2018.

Listen, Radical Feminism! by Anna Cestelli Guidi & Angela Marzullo

Text written in the occasion of the presentation of the video by Angela Marzullo, Listen, Radical Feminism! at Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea for WOOJ – Women Out of Joint: il femminismo è la mia festa (28-29-30 September 2018).

Oh spider! Big spider! Do you bring the cure, spider? by Marta Silvi

About the exhibition with artists Hugo Canoilas and Antónia Labaredas at Galeria Quadrado Azul, Lisbon, March – May 2018.

PARADISO by Rosa Jijón

Critical text of the group show PARADISO. AlbumArte, Rome, March – April 2018.

Long Time Between the Eyelash and the Brain by Benedetta Carpi De Resmini

Critical text of the solo show of Eglė Budvytytė, Long Time Between the Eyelash and the Brain. AlbumArte, Rome, September – November 2017.

Nuove Frontiere del Benessere dell’Ecosistema Vaginale by Lucrezia Cippitelli

Critical text of the solo show of Anna Raimondo, Nuove Frontiere del Benessere dell’Ecosistema Vaginale # Roma, Ex Elettrofonica, Rome, October – November 2017.

Some thoughts on “We Speak Silent” at PS² in Belfast by Moran Been-noon

About We Speak Silent, an exhibition curated by Clare Gormley at PS² in Belfast, September – October 2017.

Still, it’s time based by Moran Been-noon

About the exhibition Breath, Breathless with artists Kevin Killen and Sally O’Dowd at R-Space in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, February – March 2017.

Le Blue du Ciel by Benedetta Carpi De Resmini

A conversation with Annika Larsson on the occasion of her solo show Introduction at MACRO, Rome, in 2014.

Neutral descriptions,
and much counting…
by Ciara Finnegan

Critical text of the show of Peter Richards, Intuitive Actions, Common Attributes and Isolated Incidents. Millennium Court Arts Centre, Portadown, September – November 2014.

Annexe – 1XUnknown by Margherita Moscardini

Text for the first solo show of Margherina Moscardini at Ex Elettrofonica, Rome, May October 2013.

The Emotional Education
of Machines
  by Gianluca Brogna

Critical text for the solo show of Marco Bernardi, Time Enough, Ex Elettrofonica, Rome, October – December 2010.

Davide’s Mould Floats through Time  by Andrea Aquilanti

Critical text for the solo show of Davide D’Elia, Ieri mi volsi a considerar altrui memorie (dalle quali mi trovai rinvigorito) F.P., Ex Elettrofonica, Rome, March – April 2010.