Cuttings by Sandra Johnston

Texts written for and beyond the exhibitions of the performer/author.

You by Justine McDonnell

On the infinite power and powerless of the division. Written in 2020.

A tiny town south of Rome by Beatrice Scaccia

A short story based on a personal episode, written in February 2020.

La Fuga (The Flight) by Benedetta Carpi De Resmini

A fictional story written in 2019 in occasion of the residency of Yves Mettler at Laurentino 38 (Rome) for MagicCarpets.

On Haemophobia by Manuela Pacella

Panofsky applied on a contemporary artwork. Written in 2019.

Silence by Justine McDonnell

An experimental text written in 2019 in response to Sex, live performance by Anne Imhof at Tate Modern, The Tanks, London.

Shadow Players by Manuela Pacella

Text submitted in 2018 to the Belfast based magazine “The Tangerine”.