Kill tua wife by Ernesto Tedeschi

A short story written in Summer 2022 from which the visual artist Alessandra Giacinti developed a drawing in response.

Pantomima XXX by Alan Stefanato

Written by visual artist Alan Stefanato for his solo exhibition curated by Sergey Kantsedal with the assistance of Yuliya Say at Associazione Barriera in Turin, 11 February – 13 March 2022.

Magpies in the Melamine by Paul Becker

Written in response to the drawings of Alessandra Giacinti and in conjunction with her solo show for TUORLO format at spaziomensa, Rome, 7-13 November 2021.

In the Palazzo Altemps by Michael O’Mahony

A short nonfiction piece about Palazzo Altemps in Rome.

Why Me? by Pietro Agostoni

Written for the exhibition Why Me? curated by Sergey Kantsedal with the assistance of Yuliya Say at Associazione Barriera in Turin, 17 September – 23 October 2021.

Notes from the Desirous Hills by Allison Grimaldi Donahue

An epistolary narration about the 2021 edition of TRAFFIC Festival delle anime gentili.

Il calcio by Cecilia Canziani

This text was written in 2019 for an unpublished Fanzine edited by Rome based visual artist Giovanni de Cataldo as part of his investigation of football supporters’ dynamics and visual codes.

Giochi di ragazzini. Quattro casi by Andrea Respino

Written as a response to the artworks of Sara Enrico during her residency at ISCP in New York, this text takes inspiration from some drawings to build a narration around kids’ games.

Grande Fatigue by Alda Palermo

An essay, a fiction, a “theoretical fiction” on creative writing classes, New Narrative, Dodie Bellamy and much more.

Cuttings by Sandra Johnston

Texts written for and beyond the exhibitions of the performer/author.

You by Justine McDonnell

On the infinite power and powerless of the division.

A tiny town south of Rome by Beatrice Scaccia

A short story based on a personal episode.

La Fuga (The Flight) by Benedetta Carpi De Resmini

A fictional story written in the occasion of the residency of Yves Mettler at Laurentino 38 (Rome) for MagicCarpets.

On Haemophobia by Manuela Pacella

Panofsky applied on a contemporary artwork.

Silence by Justine McDonnell

An experimental text written in response to Sex, live performance by Anne Imhof at Tate Modern, The Tanks, London.

Shadow Players by Manuela Pacella

Text submitted to the Belfast based magazine “The Tangerine”.